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Excellent job on the cake, Emma! I am really impressed. I love the first picture - he looks so tickled! I also love him licking off Emma's fingers. Ha! Thanks for putting these up. I admit I have been checking. This was my last peek before bed. Happy Birthday Sebastian!


Oh, so cute! I'm glad I came back for another check. You did such a great job on the cake, Emma! Happy Birthday, Sebastian!


Gosh, I love these people!

Ruth W.

It is so good seeing the Watson's together around the table. Give Sebastian a happy birthday hug from me.

Mom Watson

I surely enjoyed sitting at your table! You made me feel welcome. Thank you.


Hey, I want to see a picture of your newly painted kitchen! LOVE the cake, Emma! Did you freehand it? I'll bet you did, you talented woman, you. Wish I could do that.

Cousin Emily V.

Wow, what a cute cake! Happy birthday, Sebastian!

Mom W.

How is Sebastian's third year going so far?

Uncle John

What if, just what if, I was the one who freehanded the cake...hmmm.


Then I would definitely need you back here next year for birthday #3.


I was just hoping that you had been bit by the blogging bug. Alas!

Mom W.

Hi,ya all. I enjoy the memories these pics bring.


Can you just post ONE recent picture of the boys for us????

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