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Grandma V. (Mom)

You are a great wife, Emma! I couldn't love you more!

Shayne and Lindsey

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys! It was nice to see you today. We hope you are back to business again soon.

Ruth W.

Sorry to hear that your family has not been feeling well! I may not leave a comment always, but I feel blessed every time I visit your blog. What a beatiful family you have!

Mom W.

Post-Thanksgiving Day thanks for webcamming us into your schedule and gladdening us with your visit! "...it is in giving that we receive..."


Emma - a beautiful post. Don't we all wish these moments of revelation AND the ability to put it into words came more often - it is a blessing to hear how God is working in each other's lives.

I did not know Micah had TMJ - I have been dealing with TMJ since I was 8. It can be a real pain sometimes! No one has ever given me any hope besides surgery, saying I had the one of the worst cases they had seen. Only recently have I had some effective therapy and even hope for recovery with weekly visits to my awesome new chiropractor, as well as a magnesium and calcium supplement. I will pray he finds some relief!

Thank you for your kind comments welcoming baby Claire. It's so fun to be able to celebrate with all our friends, near and far!

Blessings - Trina


Waiting, waiting, waiting...

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